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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alien Invasions & Other Inconveniences by Brian Yansky

Title: Alien Invasions & Other Inconveniences
Author: Brian Yanksy
Published: October 2010
Rating: 4/5
Summary: A polite race of telepathic killer aliens, a ten-second world conquest, and one teenage boy collide in this wry, gutsy adventure.
Jesse is in history class when a formidable, efficient race of aliens quietly takes over the earth in less time than it takes him to brush his teeth. Most humans simply fall asleep and never wake up. In moments, everyone Jesse knows and loves is gone, and he finds that he is now a slave to an inept alien leader. On the bright side, Jesse discovers he’s developing telepathic powers, and he’s not the only one. Soon he’s forging new friendships and feeling unexpectedly hopeful. When a mysterious girl appears in his dreams, talking about escaping, Jesse begins to think the aliens may not be invincible after all. But if Jesse and his friends succeed, is there anywhere left to go?
Review: I had never read a book about alien invasions or anything like that so I didn't really know what to expect. Having saying this, it was a really good book!
Jesse is in class when everything changes in 10 seconds. His classmates and mostly everyone has fallen asleep, or what looks like it. Soon he is working for the aliens that have taken over the world along with those who survived. He makes friends and they all know they must leave that place if they want to survive.
Jesse was a fun character. He was both serious about the things that were happening but he also made many funny comments. He didn't give up when his friends didn't believe him that they could leave and find the rebels. He kept them going even if they thought it wasn't worth it.

Reading about aliens taking over the world was something that I hadn't done before but I'm glad that I did. These aliens apologized when they killed someone. There were also some aliens that helped Jesse and his friends to get to where they wanted.

This was a really good book that at times was light to read and others it talked about some things that left you thinking. The world after the aliens came is one that I never wish to live in. I would definitively recommend this book to others!

I reviewed this book as part of a tour.

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