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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

Title: Last Sacrifice
Author: Richelle Mead
Published: December 2010
Pages: 597
Rating: 5/5
Summary: Rose Hathaway has always played by her own rules.

She broke the law when she ran away from St. Vladimir’s Academy with her best friend and last surviving Dragomir Princess, Lissa. She broke the law when she fell in love with her gorgeous, off-limits instructor, Dimitri. And she dared to defy Queen Tatiana, leader of the Moroi world, risking her life and reputation to protect generations of dhampir guardian to come.

Now the law has finally caught up with Rose- for a crime she didn’t even commit. She’s in prison for the highest offense imaginable: the assassination of a monarch. She’ll need help from both Dimitri and Adrian to find the one living person who can stall her execution and force the Moroi elite to acknowledge a shocking new candidate for the royal throne: Vasilisa Dragomir.

But the clock on Rose’s life is running out. Rose knows in her heart the world of the dead wants her back… and this time she is truly out of second chances. The big question is, when your life is about saving others, who will save you?

It may contain spoilers from previous books!!
Review: I've read all the books on the series before this one so was really excited when I finally got my copy and started reading!

The book starts off just days after where Spirit Bound ended. Rose has had to be in a cell where she is waiting for her trial to take place. Soon she escapes with the help from others and goes on a journey to do something that is very important. During this journey many things happen that change the way things are.

As always Rose is someone who doesn't let anyone take control of her. She hates not doing anything and decides that she must help Lissa get her vote at Court. I loved her throughout the whole book! Some of the things she did may not have been the best things but that's just the way Rose is.

Lissa has to stay at Court and deal with the things that are going on there. She's also trying to find out who killed the Queen to clear Rose's name so she can return. While she's at Court things happen that may actually benefit others.

Dimitri. What can I say about him? I loved that he was so much more in this book than in the last one. He has to go through many stages to get to the point where he forgives himself for the things that he did in the past.

I've never been a big fan of Adrian, though I have to say that he was becoming a better person. He was there when Rose needed him and helped her through many things. The conversation he had with Rose at the end was kind of sad, especially the way he left.

I loved the ending, especially since it had its happy side as well as a part that wasn't so happy. Richelle left a few question that I hope will be answered in the spin-off series. Overall, the book (and the other books in the series) was amazing and definitely one that everyone should read!

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  1. I agree- amazing!
    I actually liked Adrian better in the previous books. Something just didn't feel right to me in this book. but that is okay.
    hopefully he will get his hea in the spin off!