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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler

Title: Kissed by an Angel
Author: Elizabeth Chandler
Published: 1995
Pages: 230
Rating: 3/5
Synopsis: Falling in love with Tristan, Ivy believes that she has met the boy of her dreams, until he tragically dies, destroying her belief in angels and preventing him from helping her as her new celestial guardian.

Review: I actually have the one that has all 3 books but I decided to review each book by itself.

It starts off with Ivy moving to another school because of her mother. She has 2 friends that encourage her to do some things, one of them being Tristan. Ivy refuses to pay attention to Tristan but as he grabs her attention she realizes that he's different from what she thought. It's just basically their story and about what happens after.

One thing I liked about Ivy was that she wasn't that interested in Tristan at the beginning. Even though her friends tried to convince her to get close to him she refused to do it. After a while she actually took her time to get to know him. What I didn't like was how she reacted after Tristan died.

Tristan wasn't like most typical guys were they don't have to do anything to win the girl over. He actually did things to try to make Ivy notice him. The fact that he was the popular guy at the school and Ivy still didn't pay attention to him made more interesting. I liked the scenes where we got to see him with Ivy's little brother.

At the beginning it was a bit confusing but as the story progressed it became more clear. The book changed perspectives, which was something that I enjoyed since we got to both Ivy's Tristan's minds. It's not bad or great but I think others would enjoy reading.

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  1. i liked the details in this book, they were just amazing! i never wanted to put the book down, after reading i noticed that i myself had fallen in love with Tristan! wish there was a movie!