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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Author Interview: Keary Taylor (Eden)

Today stopping by the blog is the amazing Keary Taylor, author of Fall of Angels seriesEver Burning and Eden! I had the opportunity of asking her some questions about Eden and here is what she had to say!

Do the names of your characters have any special meaning?

I don’t know that they really have special meaning; it’s more just that a certain name felt right for a character. West was originally name Tyler and it sooo was not working! I couldn’t get into his character and eventually I realized that he just had the wrong name! As soon as I figured out his name was West, he sorted himself out.

What traits does Eve have in common with you? Different?

We both can be really stubborn and tend to think we’re right. We get confused by emotion and aren’t always sure what we’re feeling. Different? Well Eve kicks some major @$$ and I’m kind of a wimp, lol! Sometimes I wish I was as tough as her!

What was the hardest part of Eden to write?

There is a scene where a certain character dies and I was really surprised at how emotional I got over killing them! I had debated killing them off earlier in the book but decided to hold off and when I finally did it I just felt so terrible!

What was your favorite scene to write?

That’s got to be the scene when Eve finally decides who it is that she really loves. The whole book had been building up to it and the scene is also very violent and action packed. My heart was pounding as I typed the words out!

Is there a reason why you named the place Eden?

Well the Garden of Eden was supposed to be this really peaceful, perfect place, and even though my Eden wasn’t that way, it was a refuge for those still left in this Fallen world. It just seemed fitting.

What was the hardest part of creating the world of Eden?

Creating the world actually wasn’t that difficult to me. I always had this clear picture of exactly what had become of the world. I suppose the most difficult thing involved though would be keeping the timeline straight. There’s a lot of events that have happened in 6+ years prior to where Eden starts and so it was sometimes hard to keep track of when things happened, who they happened to, how old people where when it happened, etc.

What was your first thought after you finished Eden?

HOLY CRAP! IT’S FINALLY DONE! Haha! It’s always a great feeling to finish a book. My heart starts beating really fast and I just feel plain awesome!

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