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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She's So Money by Cherry Cheva

Title: She's So Money
Author: Cherry Cheva
Published: 2008
Pages: 304
Rating: 4/5
Summary: Question: What do you get when you take . . .

1 overachieving girl + 1 insanely cute guy + 1 massive fine + 1 scheme involving a little dishonesty and a whole lot of cash?

I've always been the good girl—working seriously long hours at my family's restaurant and getting straight As. And Camden King was always just that hot, popular guy I'd pass in the halls, whose ego was probably much bigger than his brain. I didn't think there'd ever be a reason for us to actually, like, interact.

Then again, I never thought I'd mess up so badly that my family might lose our entire restaurant if I didn't come up with a ton of money, and fast. So that's where Camden comes in—he and his evil/genius plan to do kids' homework for cash.

I know cheating's wrong, but it's better than being dead, right? Which is what I'd be if my parents knew about what happened. I never expected things to spin so far out of control. Or that I'd be such a sucker for Camden's lopsided grin. Or that falling apart could be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Answer: The time of my life.

Review: I truly enjoyed reading this book!
The book is about Maya who is an excellent student and never really gets in trouble. She never had reason to do something that wasn't right. That is, until her parents decide to put her in charge of their restaurant while her parents are out of time. During that time, many things happen that make Maya desperate to earn some money.
I could really relate Maya. Even though she was a student who got straight As, she didn't let herself be dominated by those who weren't exactly the best of students. I loved the comments that she made and the way she reacted to situations.
Camden was the guy that thinks that he owns the school and who everyone knows. He was the one who helped Maya get the money she needed and gave her the idea of how to earn it faster. I also liked the things that he said to Maya when she said things.
I loved the way that Cheva portrayed those students who got good grades. She didn't make them sound like some nerds who didn't have friends or that didn't really go out much. I can relate to all this since many people may consider me a nerd. Those who know me well know that I may get good grades but that I'm not exactly an angel.
I would recommend this book to anyone if they asked me. I think it's a great book to read if you want something light to read and to get a laugh!


  1. Great review....I hadn't heard about this one, but I'm adding to my TBR list, thanks for the rec!

  2. Totally true, you don't have to be a "nerd" to get good grades. Sounds like a fun book!

  3. Great review, Diana! This one sounds really good, I like how you said she doesn't portray the smart people as nerds :)

    Thanks so much for entering my contest and for adding it to your sidebar!!